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Horn Relief is a Somali Local NGO


Welcome to Horn-relief 26267

We are an NGO called Horn Relief. Horn Relief works mainly with rural pastoral communities in various issues ranging from education, water projects, natural resources management, health and sanitation, and other issues of civil society development.


Horn Releilf Mission
Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization is working towards sustainable peace in Somalia through capacity building of local communities, empowerment of women, and protection of the environment. Horn Relief focuses on awareness raising and education of women and youth in areas of human rights, leadership, human and animal health, and natural resource management skills. Horn Relief operates under the mandate that access to resources, political decision-making, and education should be open to all individuals regardless of gender.

Horn Relief Accomplishments
Horn Relief launched a youth education and sports center in August 1999 within Buran Rural Institute (BRI) incorporating natural resource management and peace studies in its curriculum.
- The goal of BRI is to educate the community, youth, leaders, and women using a participatory action research approach, and to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information to urban and pastoral communities within northern regions of Somalia.
Born Relief provided the initial capital for the creation of the Dur Duri elementary school.
-The education center provides literacy programs for women and primary education for children of Dur Duri
Horn Relief offers support for community run schools in three villages
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Animal health education has been a priority subject for Horn Relief
Buran Rural Institute, established by Horn Relief, trains young pastoralist in animal health in order to give them necessary life skills
Horn Relief is a member of the Resource Management Somalia Network
The Resource Management Somalia Network is comprised of 4 NGOs and 8 resource management teams
The network members primarily come from veterinarian backgrounds, therefore animal health is a network priority
The network shares animal health information and provides training for pastoralist throughout Somalia

Women 's Training Center in Buran, which imparts various skills that include:
- Literacy
- Public health
- Vet Auxiliary
- Problem solving an decision making
- Environmental awareness
- Brick making
- Masonry and carpentry
Canada Village Project
- The construction, for homeless women by Horn Relief trained women, of 20 stone and brick homes for homeless families.
Rehabilitation of Buran Rural Institute
- The rehabilitation of the community educational center by former trainees from the Women's Training Center.
Womens Peace and Advocacy Initiatives
- Horn Relief successfully initiated their own Peace March in May 1998 to protest charcoal skirmishes that resulted in an actual war.
Supporter and Member of other Women Networks
- Founding member of WAWA (We Are Women Activist)
- Horn Relief works with women organizations and groups all over Somalia as well as abroad, who work towards improving the lives of women.
Enables Somali Women to attend International Trainings and Workshops
- Horn Relief sends participants to workshops and seminars focused on human rights, capacity building, awareness on important issues ranging from FGM to women and political participation.
- Hosted African Women Involvement in the Peace Process Workshop 1999
- Women from seven different African countries came together to discuss their potential as promoters of peace

Resource Management Somalia Network
- Horn Relief became a participating team in 1996 actively bringing awareness of responsible natural resource management to pastoral communities in its area
- Horn Relief has been elected as the official network coordinator since 1997
- Hosted Conflict Management and Natural Resources in the Horn of Africa Conference 2000
NGOs from the Horn of Africa came to the Buran Rural Institute to discuss issues of conflict related to natural resources
Solar Power Project
- Horn Relief, with assistance from Energy Alternative Africa, trained 15 youth members of Buran Rural Institute (BRI) in Solar power technology and installed solar power at BRI
-Horn Relief has begun a campaign to promote the use of rock dams as a way to increase water availability and soil productivity
- Horn Relief has successfully constructed over 1000 rock dams
-Horn Relief together with UN Food and Agriculture Organization Telefood program is implementing a fishery project in Dur-duri village. This is an effort aimed at mitigating food security within the region, as well as a means of diversifying dietary intakes among the community who are currently dependent on livestock products
- The project is aimed at using marine resources in a more sustainable manner by training fishery communities conservation techniques of smoking and drying
-Horn Relief began an aggressive campaign to educate local communities about the environmental devastation caused by charcoal production, and passed local laws against such activities
- Horn Relief trained local community members as forest rangers
- Trained forest rangers destroyed nearly 900 charcoal kilns
Horn Relief rehabilitated two boreholes in Buran and El-buh village. These two villages were hard hit by the 1997 and the recent 1999 drought.
- These boreholes are expected to become self-sustaining and provide accessible and clean water for humans, livestock, and wildlife
Horn Relief provided a rotating loan program to women groups in Dur Duri to allow them to construct 15 hand-dug wells. A women's water committee now manages the water system.
Horn Relief initiated and provided the capital for a water system in Buran. The water system is now managed by a women's water committee.

Horn Relief collaborates with the World Health Organization Bosasso office in drug delivery distribution and awareness on preventive health and water sanitation.
Horn Relief facilitates seasonal awareness programs based on expectant epidemics such as cholera, malaria and typhoid.

Horn Relief in cooperation with UN Food and Agriculture Organization Somalia in Nairobi has been successful in distributing vegetable seeds to Al-Madow farming community.

Horn Relief believes that positive, sustainable peace and development for Somalia will be a result of cooperation and co-ordination between organizations actively working towards similar goals throughout Somalia.
Horn Relief is involved in consultations and activities with different organizations and agencies on various issues concerning Somalia
Horn Relief is a founding Member of the Resource Management Somalia Network (RMSN)
- RMSN is one of the few cross-regional networks in Somalia. The network consists of eight teams and four NGOs working in every region of Somalia for responsible natural resource management
Founding Member of WAWA (We Are Women Activists)
- A network of activist Somali women's organizations working towards peace and human rights through women's participation in decision-making at all levels of civil society, the economy, and the state
Member of Peace and Human Rights Network
- A network of organizations dedicated to promoting sustainable peace and human rights in civil society throughout Somalia
Founding Member of Somalia Resource Center
- A networking system established to provide communication, information, and experience sharing and to facilitate co-operation between Somali NGOs

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of five members. All are in Africa except one. The board meets once a year assesses and sets polices for the organization. Mrs. Fatima Jibrell was unanimously elected to head the organizations regional office in Africa, as its Executive Director. Mrs. Jibrell has extensive experience in human rights and women's issues, as well as environmental issues and advocacy. Mrs. Jibrell has also served as a consultant on women's issues, produced an NGO training manual for UNICEF Somalia, surveyed in the Warsangeli Sultanate on behalf of Africa Housing Fund, and spoken at national and international conferences. Mrs. Jibrell received her Bachelors degree from the University of the District of Columbia and her Masters on Social Work from the University of Connecticut. She speaks fluent Somali, English, and Arabic.

Offices and Human Resource

Horn Relief has it 's head office in Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, it 's regional office in Bosasso, Puntland and field office in Buran, Puntland. The Nairobi office is managed by three women, Bosasso office is managed by one woman and two men, and the field office has several men and women volunteers. Horn Relief has diverse human resources from different professional backgrounds and settings (urban and rural).